The one million in Revenue milestone has hit more than 100 VR games


While the VR scene is still very young, it once again hit a new milestone, where more then 100 games are surpassing the one million in revenue mark.

2019, was a great year for VR where we saw a great increase in adoption. Probably the new influx of new headsets laid down the fire to spark the VR industry. With headsets like the Oculus Quest, VR was getting more affordable and this lead to new people joining the VR landscape. And where new people come in, they also want to play new games. This all means good things for this space. Where previously this game market was a niche one, where game studios were unsure about the return of investment, this slowly turns around and you can actually make a profit creating games for VR.

Hope this trend continues in this year, and more developers joining this VR space.