Oculus Rift vs Rift S worth the upgrade


Ok, enough articles about this are already widely available on the internet. But most of them are not really based on actual usage over a longer period of time. Also most of these are just comparing specs.

I will express my personal usage, and tell you what I like and what I not like about the Oculus Rift vs the Rift S.

Hardware setup

Talking about ease of use, I can tell you right away that the setup has improved a lot since I installed the previous model. For me the installation of the lighthouse sensors on the original Rift where always a bit tedious, since I needed to align them correctly to make them work. I had a two sensor setup, both situated at the front of my desk. With the Rift S on the other hand, I only needed to plug in two cables and I was done. The controllers where pre-paired and worked out of the box.

Software setup

For me the Oculus software package was already installed, and during the plugin of my new Rift S everything went smooth.

The way you draw the new boundary box is splendid, and is really easy to setup from a single position, no need to walk around in the room with your sensors. The installation went fluently and the new introduction mechanics has improved over time. I liked the way they introduced you too the new touch controllers and the overal setup was a blast.

Worth the upgrade

After playing for months on the original Rift, I must say the wow factor was there again. The screen on the Rift S is so much more crisp, and there is so much more clarity. The headset was fitting perfectly on my head and it really triggered me again to play old games as new.

I’m also found myself playing longer in games, without any fatigue. The inside out tracking is really working well. Playing games like Pavlov, which require a lot of hand movement is not an issue.

Ok, to make my upgrade justifiable even more I added some minor tweaks to the headset. For instance I play with a headset connected to the aux port. And I bought a AntMic wireless microphone. Because both (the microphone is not that bad) could use a little upgrade.

So just a quick summary for justifying my upgrade:

  1. Better screen – YES (for me a big YES)
  2. Better audio – NO (using headset YES)
  3. Better microphone – NO (but overall not bad)
  4. Better tracking – NO (lighthouse tracking is better, but was never an issue in the games I play, and it requires a little more light in the room where you play)
  5. Better fitting – YES
  6. Better hardware – YES (no lighthouse setup makes this a breeze, and longer cable is awesome)

For me the upgrade is a YES, and I would really recommend it.