Oculus Rift S still worthwhile after Quest gets PC-tether feature


After Facebook announced the PC-tether feature to its Oculus Quest virtual reality headsets twitter was filled with complains. A lot of complains came from Oculus Rift S users, which felt they where left in the dark. During the whole Oculus Connect conference the Oculus Rift S was left in the dark, and the Quest got all the shine. And with the latest addition of having a tether capability the community asked why they even bought the Oculus Rift S now. Some where talking about a discontinuation of the Rift S. While others wanted to sell there Rift S in exchange for a Quest.

To put the community at rest John Carmack posted the following twitter message.

Rift S is more comfortable, lower latency (for now; that may eventually change), doesn’t get compressed graphics, and has five-camera tracking

This puts the Rift S still on top as the headset to use when you want to play the higher end games. I will think that eventually these headsets become one.