Recently news came out where Microsoft has showing some of the amazing work regarding the new and anticipating Flight Simulator 2020. A group of people that where popular in the flight sim world where invited to their office, these people where introduced to a sneak peak of what Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 had to offer.

Most of the people where astonished by the demos Microsoft has given them. The level of detail, on the different systems like weather, or ground where great. But all and all, there was no real sight of any virtual reality for this game. Which is pretty shocking for a product that is really intended for a VR experience.

Some in game footage from within a plane.

So the community stood strong and started to give feedback to Microsoft about the missing VR capabilities. And Microsoft responded…

But we are listening, and we heard it, so we will try our darnedest to make it happen. Whether or not we’re going to pull it off for launch, we can’t commit to that at this point in time, but we are aware of the desire, and given that we genuinely want to make the sim that simmers want, we will try to PRIORITIZE that over other things.

So given this, we have a good chance to see VR support happening!