Logitech X56 HOTAS better quality control


Being spoiled with my previous HOTAS setup, the Thrustmaster Warthog, which I stupidly sold back in the days. I wanted to start again, in VR with a new HOTAS setup. After scavaging the internet I stumbled on the Logitech X56 version which was priced as a mid-range setup (still on the higher end, but below the cost of the Warthog).

After reading a lot of reviews, there were bad reviews posted about this setup. But what I also understand that was during the time this product was still owned by Saitek and later Madkatz. And that their quality control really sucked.

Back in the days I had a lot of hardware from Logitech and was always fond of there build quality and their products for me never had any problems. So I also wanted to give the X56 a second chance under there new owners.

The packaging was much nicer and had a much cleaner look, also the product was decent. And quality seemed nice. But soon after playing a bit in the game Elite and Dangerous it did not feel right. The dead zone of this joystick was weird, and the joystick felt wobbly. Maybe because I already was too spoiled by the Thrustmaster setup that I owned previously? I don’t think the quality was bad on this stick. But I returned the product.

Hmm, probably I can’t turn back to cheaper solutions anymore since I tasted how it could be.