Location-based VR is getting more popular


There have been numerous companies that are running location-based virtual reality. It’s those companies that deliver a true 4D experience and enriching this experience with VR. You can walk around in a building while your movement is fully tracked, while inside your headset you are being presented to a virtual world. Unlike Microsoft Research which was projecting VR over your current world your living in, these kinds of companies fully emerge you into a scene. These types of experiences are popping up more and more, and where once the movie theater was a thing to go to with colleagues right now, those VR experiences are the new thing.

Right now there alongside The VOID, Zero Latency, and others, there is Sandbox VR. The startup that recently secured 68 million in a Series A investment round, and later on another 11 million. This shows there is a lot of interest in these kinds of experiences.

Sandbox VR: Curse of Davy Jones

Sandbox VR is the difference in the sense that he has full-body motion capture technology on board. This enables the company to create a Hollywood grade type of experience for its users. Were right now it has to offer 5 types of playing scenes. UFL unbound fighting league, Amber Sky 2088, Star Trek: Discovery, Deadwood Mansion and Curse of Davy Jones. Available at 7 different locations, and is quickly expanding to an additional 5 extra locations.