HTC promises improvements on there HTC Cosmos headset


A lot of things going on for the HTC Cosmos, it has got several bad reviews where there were complaints on a lot of the main functionalities of the headset. People complained about ergonomics, battery life, bad low light tracking, and content compatibility.

On most of this issues are being worked

Vive Cosmos uses inside-out tracking, which requires data points in your play environment to deliver the most accurate tracking, as well as consistent lighting. Set up works best in a bright room without mirrors or reflectors. Plain walls with a lack of defining features could affect tracking.
Our engineering team continues to fine tune the performance of the headset for different kinds of play environments and we’re looking into low-light reports from some users who were getting a persistent “dark environment” message. We’ve adjusted the notification window for low-light scenarios and the update is already live.
We’re continuing to refine the tracking and notifications in these scenarios and expect to release another software update soon.

About ergonomics, HTC responded they are telling that the people are fitting the headsets incorrectly.

The adjustable head strap and halo design balance weight distribution, and soft and lightweight materials make for all-day play. The user guide illustrates the proper way to wear the headset. If you are having issues fitting your Cosmos comfortably to your head, please refer to it and contact us if you can’t get your fit quite right.

Either way, HTC is aware of a lot of the issues, and they are continuing to work to improve the Cosmos overall. Let’s just hope they are right and that this does not mean doom for this headset.