Google’s Daydream experiment is coming to an end


So back in the days, Google was one of the first to introduce VR to the main public. Instead of creating a fully standalone headset they steered towards an experience where you could use your phone as the screen to power the virtual experience.

Soon became clear that this approach was not very popular and there where other solutions that catch a larger audience like Samsung’s Gear VR, which was given out for free with a subset of there phones.

We saw a lot of potential in smartphone VR — being able to use the smartphone you carry with you everywhere to power an immersive on-the-go experience

Google, did however put a little spark to the VR community and triggered the market for more VR experiences. It started to compete against higher-profile headsets like the Oculus, or the HTC Vive.

Now, they announced they have exited the Daydream headsets, and they will put more focus on other emerging augmented reality, like AR navigation tools for Google maps or other features for the Google Lens service.