A new line of VR headsets that match the human eye resolution

New VR headsets produced by Varjo

So the battle has started for most VR headsets, to compete for the highest resolution on the screen. While this is all cool, there is a new player in town. A Finnish company named Varjo Technologies is promising a new type of VR headset that will match the same resolution as the human eye.

These headsets are not for the mainstream since these headsets named VR-2 and VR-2 Pro are pretty expensive. The VR-2 Pro comes at a whopping 5995 euros while the cheaper variant cost only 4995 euros. So the target audience for this company is more for companies that give training of some sort with these devices.

The following link will show you the full press release.

These are really meant for the professional industry and are not really the same as the Oculus or the Vive. But hopefully, this addition will drive extra quality to the existing headsets out there.